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If you're serious about buying silver, we highly recommend buying silver coins and bars. We offer industry standard silver coins including the Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, the Silver American Eagle and Silver Rounds name a few. You want silver coins made by national mints because they're easiest to sell, and come with low premiums.

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Silver American Eagle

With 1 oz of pure U.S. Silver and a beautiful patriotic design, the Silver American Eagle has become the most popular bullion coin in the United States.

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is considered one of the most beautiful Silver coins in the world, with a classic design and high .9999 fine Silver bullion content. These coins are loved by collectors and investors worldwide.

Silver Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Silver Philharmonic is the only annually minted Silver Bullion coin denominated in euros. These Silver coins are rapidly gaining worldwide popularity with their .999 purity and beautiful design featuring instruments of the Vienna Philharmonic.

Silver Polar Bear & Cub

The Royal Canadian Mint has long been known for high quality .9999 fine Silver products and this uniquely sized item continues that tradition. Each of these unique 1.5 oz Silver coins depicts an iconic polar bear and cub crossing the Canadian landscape.

Silver Round

1 oz Silver rounds are an ideal way to add to your Silver holdings, and secondary market Silver rounds can often be purchased at a lower premium than brand new rounds. Each Silver round is tested for Silver content and purity.

Silver White Falcon BU

The expected low-mintage, unique anti-counterfeit protections and high collector and investor interest in these coins can contribute to price appreciation that is significantly greater than the spot value of their respective metals. This 1.5-ounce 99.99% pure silver bullion coin features a reverse designed by Canadian natural artist Steve Hepburn, which captures the celebrated power of the beautiful gyrfalcon in flight.

Junk Silver Bags

United States dimes, quarters, and half dollars minted in 1964 or earlier are commonly called “junk silver.” Because these coins actually circulated for many years, they look weathered and are made of 90% silver for extra toughness. This also means they are excellent for barter.


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