Sell Gold & Silver

To protect the integrity of investments, it is vital to find a trustworthy buyer with a proven track record who is willing to offer a fair market price.

Purchasing precious metals is a solid, conservative investment that requires foresight and careful consideration. And, deciding where to sell your precious metals is just as important of a decision as deciding when to purchase them.

Sell to Gold Gate Capital

In addition to helping with gold and silver purchases, we also offer a buyback program when it is time to cash-in those investments. In most cases, we are able to purchase them directly. Our team is dedicated to offering helpful service and honest assessments each step of the buy or selling process.

This means we will almost always purchase precious metals we sold you. (Market conditions will, rarely, prevent this.) On occasions when we are unable to, we will do our best to assist you in finding a buyer.

In fact, GGC takes pride in offering clients some of the best prices in the gold and silver industry. We care about more than our bottom line... We care about our clients.

Buyback Policy

GGC will buy back any precious metal product, even if it wasn’t initially purchased from us.

Selling gold and silver to GGC is is easy:

1) Connect

Give us a call at 1-800-604-0240, and connect with one of our experienced metal representatives. If you prefer written communication, contact us via email.

2) Ship your product(s)

Put your precious metals in a box and ship them to us through your mail carrier of choice. Parcel insurance is highly recommended.

3) Get paid

Once your precious metals have arrived, our team will authenticate them. Then, we send you payment through check or wire transfer.

It is just that simple. Call us today to start the process, we have experienced staff here to help.

Note: All buybacks are subject to an authentication process at expense of the seller.