Why Gold Gate Capital?

Here’s Why You Should Let Us Help You Too

Since Gold Gate Capital was founded in 2008, we’ve helped hundreds of investors keep their money and their families safe from economic uncertainty, rising inflation and a volatile stock market.

And we’d like to help you too by making it as convenient and easy as possible for you to put a portion of your retirement account or your savings into gold, silver and other precious metals.

All so you can...

  • Protect your money and your family from rising inflation and economic uncertainty...
  • Reduce your risk by diversifying your portfolio...
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re invested in physical assets that have stood the test of time.

Better yet, you’ll find our prices to be surprisingly low. That’s because we’re not spending millions of dollars on a monster ad budget or to buy big name celebrity endorsements.

Instead, we keep our operation relatively small and lean, so you can get the best price possible on your investment.

Wayne Allyn Root
Inc. 5000

When you buy precious metals from Gold Gate Capital, you’re fully protected by our Unconditional Buy Back Guarantee. If you need to sell for any reason whatsoever, we guarantee to buy those metals back from you at a higher price than any of our competitors.

Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Small Companies in America

Over the past few years, Gold Gate Capital has grown rapidly, as more and more Americans come to understand the important role precious metals play in any portfolio. In fact, Gold Gate Capital has sold more than $100 million in precious metals since we opened our doors in 2008. And we’ve been growing rapidly over the last years, so fast in fact that Inc. magazine named us one of the fastest growing private companies in America in 2022.

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