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You’re in Good Company when You Choose Gold Gate Capital

Great People

I would like to thank all of the great people at Gold Gate Capital that helped me roll over my 401k to a gold and silver IRA account. Tom, Travis, Tori and Maricela made the process easy for me, helping every step up the way for me to reach my financial goals.

Dennis O (April 2023)

Verified Customer

Glad to be a client!

Great customer service , professionally transferred my rollover. Solid experience. Glad to be a client!

Thomas B (April 2023)

Verified Customer

Pleasant to Work With

Fair priced - matched competition. Tori was knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

David S (April 2023)

Verified Customer

Thank you GGC!

I am very satisfied with my choice of Gold Gate Capital. Due to the unstable money market, inflation and rising interest rates i switched to a precious metals account. The help I received from Gold Gate Capital staffing specialist kept me confident that i made the right decision. They were patient and very knowledgeable. They walk you through the whole process. Thank you GGC.

Sandra C (March 2023)

Verified Customer

Thank you so much!

A five star for sure and well earned A beginner i am Mr. Charles very articulatly explained many choices there is with purchasing Precious fear was washed away....finally came to a conclusion and now awaiting my WOW delivery. Thank you so much for the patience Charles

Connie R (March 2023)

Verified Customer

Treated Fairly

They are patient and although very busy at this time, take the time to explain the process and answer questions. I feel I was treated fairly during my experiences. I will not hesitate to recommend them. If you are a novice like me, ask questions; they will take the time to explain.

Debi M (March 2023)

Verified Customer

They Helped Me

They helped me transition my retirement to gold and silver and were very helpful in completing the process.

Raymond S (March 2023)

Verified Customer

Helpful and Friendly

Everyone I talked with was very helpful and friendly.

Daniel F (March 2023)

Verified Customer

I Would Recommend GGC

It was amazing to work with Gold Gate Capital! Michael Madden, Andrew Eaton,Travis, and Lenette Rodriquez were all informative, helpful, and kind during this whole process! These professionals guided me with patience and understanding to reach my goals. I would recommend the Gold Gate Capital to help investors towards financial freedom! God bless. Thank you Paula D.

Paula D (March 2023)

Verified Customer

They helped me!

They helped me out by explaining how investing in metals is safer than alot of the stocks out there.

Philip S (March 2023)

Verified Customer

Gold & Silver Helped Us

After loosing over 100K with a fiduciary Investor and he didn't speak to us for over two months, we run across Tori Rathman. We shared with her our experiences, through our conversation she confirmed my thoughts about Gold and Silver and helped us with our purchase and and kept us informed throughout the cycle. I would refer her to anyone. James & Dianne Cochran, Atlanta, GA.

J Cochran (March 2023)

Verified Customer

Friendly & Very Professional

Everyone I talked with at Gold Gate Capital were very informative, friendly, yet very professional. They informed me of ways to invest, as well as save for retirement and on taxes.

Sharon S (March 2023)

Verified Customer

An Excellent Company

I think that Gold Gate Capital is an excellent company to do business with confidence. Each staff that I spoke with was so helpful and guided me through the whole process along the way. In such an uncertain market, they provided a safe haven for the investor. I am most grateful for the attention, education and respect I experienced in this journey.

Paula D (February 2023)

Verified Customer

We’re Extremely Satisfied

My husband and I purchased from this company and we’re extremely satisfied with our decision to work with Gold Gate Capital. The staff assisting us was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and definitely take pride in what they do. We are pleased to know our investment is in good hands!

Emely C (February 2023)

Verified Customer

I Highly Recommend GGC

Tori Rathman provided excellent guidance as to the procedures in opening and transferring from an existing IRA to a P.M. IRA. She helped choose appropriate assets to fund the IRA as well as provided ongoing assistance in case there were any delays along the way. Gold Gate also seamlessly facilitated in all the forms that are needed to set up accounts at the custodian as well as at the P.M. storage facility. I can highly recommend GGC as a knowledgeable and efficient dealer for your P.M. IRAs.

Mitch S (February 2023)

Verified Customer

Wonderful Experience

We have had a wonderful experience working with gold gate capital

CharLene G (February 2023)

Verified Customer

Highly recommend.

Wonderful experience! Andrew, Thomas, Linnette, all patient and professional as we learned how to purchase, convert, and avoid high taxation. Highly recommend. We will continue to do business with Gold Gate Capital

Mona C (February 2023)

Verified Customer

Only Positive Experiences

I have had only POSITIVE experiences when working with Gold Gate Capital. Their team is very helpful, informative, and patient in answering all of my questions while helping me every step of the way with purchases. I highly recommend (and have recommended) this company to my family and friends, and to anyone looking to invest in silver and gold. Very professional organization and a proactive group, keeping up-to-date with what is happening in our unprecedented times we now are living in. I couldn't be happier with Gold Gate Capital! They are very reputable, and I am grateful for the sense of peace it brings to have tangible investments.

Sara F (January 2023)

Verified Customer

GGC Helped Save My Retirement

Gold Gate Capitol has helped save my retirement. I highly recommend this company. Tori Rathman helped me through the whole process of investing in gold, silver and precious metals. She is awesome.

Ginger M (January 2023)

Verified Customer

Informative, caring & fast.

Hats off to Gabe Green & Lennette Rodriguez for great customer service! Informative, caring & fast. Gabe is really on the ball and set us up with the best investment for my husband & I. We feel comfort in knowing our nest egg is in good hands.

Paulabudy (January 2023)

Verified Customer

Excellent, overall!

It was amazing! I had a great experience with their customer service. They were great to deal with and were very kind and professional. Excellent, overall!

Emilee P (December 2022)

Verified Customer

I will definitely be back

My friend introduced me to this location! I loved the people/staff here; they were very friendly, polite, and very professional! A great spot for gold lovers. I will definitely be back to check out the amazing stuff!

Ciara M (December 2022)

Verified Customer

I Couldn't Be Happier

I have made several purchases of various forms of silver through GGC in the last couple of months. Their team is very helpful, informative, and patient in answering all of my questions and assisting me with purchases that fulfill my investment goals. I highly recommend (and have recommended) this company to my family and friends, and to anyone looking to invest in silver or gold, coins or bullion. Very professional organization and a very proactive group of folks. I couldn't be happier with my choice of company from whom to buy precious metals. A++

John G (November 2022)

Verified Customer

It was a pleasure working with them.

I recently contacted Gold Gate Capital inquiring about precious metals. Their staff was very helpful in guiding me through the process.

Margot J. (October 2022)

Verified Customer

Thank you again Andrew!!!

I have been concerned whether the stock market will be making a major adjustment soon. I am elderly and cannot afford another "hit". I contacted Gold Gate Capital and spoke to Andrew and he helped me rollover a portion of my IRA into physical Gold and Silver.

Ajie B. (October 2022)

Verified Customer

Two Thumbs Up

Its interesting to learn about the diversification benefits of owning gold. Also glad that their representative is patient in helping me walked though all the things I could do inside my IRA. Two thumbs up!C

Mylah H (October 2022)

Verified Customer

Thank you!

My questions were answered and the whole process was explained fully. I got my precious metals through a retirement account, and I can resell them back if I need to.

Wilma G. (October 2022)

Verified Customer

Will stick in this business

I have previously bought through another gold firm in California and switched over to Gold Gate Capital because their price is better. I referred a few of my friends to Gold Gate.

Ericka G. (October 2022)

Verified Customer

Highly Recommended

My experience with Gold Gate Capital was very nice. I highly recommend them!

Teresa N (September 2022)

Verified Customer

Can't recommend them highly enough

I checked reviews for Gold Gate Capital and they had the best reviews. I have a retirement account with them. The account executive I work with, Tori, is very good.

Luc W. (September 2022)

Verified Customer

GGC Made it Easy

I wanted to transfer my IRA from paper stock to physical gold and Gold Gate Capital made it easy for me to do that. They took care of all the paperwork and reimbursed me through the transfer fees from Fidelity.

Briana C (September 2022)

Verified Customer

Very Affordable!!

After conducting my due diligence on self-directed IRA companies, I found Gold Gate Capital to be one of the lowest prices in California.

Hayleigh R. (September 2022)

Verified Customer

Wonderful service

I have an IRA with physical Gold and silver. I set it up with Gold Gate Capital. I got an unheard of deal which I confirmed after checking with two other companies and everyone was very friendly and helpful

Becky W. (September 2022)

Verified Customer

Understanding and kind people

I found Gold Gate Capital honorable and they respected our slow decision making pace.

Connie P. (September 2022)

Verified Customer

It was a good experience

Everyone at the IRA department at Gold Gate was very friendly and the information was very good. If I had a question, I would ask the rep and he would explain to me. And the explanations were very easy to understand. It was a good experience.

David W. (September 2022)

Verified Customer

Very Smart and Caring

I wanted to get out of paper money, get security, and have something put back that will be worth something to my kids. I've read about Gold Gate Capital and I contacted them. I talked to Andrew over the phone. He was very smart and caring.

Toni G (August 2022)

Verified Customer

Glad I switched :-)

I had switched my investments from another company to Gold Gate Capital and I'm very happy that I did. I saved about 20%

Amber P. (August 2022)

Verified Customer

Friendly and Helpful

I called Gold Gate and they helped me set up my new Gold IRA. For the most part, they were friendly and helpful, and I did like the people I was dealt with.

Richard B (July 2022)

Verified Customer

I Recommend Them

Gold Gate Capital is very professional and I'm extremely positive on the whole process. And I would recommend them. I've sent them three people who have asked me who to go to for buying physical Gold.

Wilma M (July 2022)

Verified Customer

Very Professional

I wanted to purchase some precious metals more as a currency insurance than an investment. I did a one-time purchase with Gold Gate Capital and their team was very professional!!

Rebekah S (June 2022)

Verified Customer

Everything Was in Order

Gold Gate Capital called me and we talked several times before. I rolled over some of my IRA money. Tori helped me and she made sure everything was in order for me to have my account opened.

Sandra F (June 2022)

Verified Customer

Smooth and Straightforward

I was looking for a gold IRA and I've looked at a couple different places. The people that I spoke to at Gold Gate Capital seemed to know what they were doing, and the experience was smooth and straightforward.

Niko P (June 2022)

Verified Customer

Recommend Them to Anybody

I have dealt with the most trustworthy and honest organizations. For the past three years, GGC has gained my trust and has never let me down. I've continued to use their services and recommend them to anybody I know. Keep it up!!

Laena M (June 2022)

Verified Customer

Good Company with Excellent Employees

Gold Gate Capital employees were very helpful in ensuring that I understood what they were recommending, They explained what was being brought to fullfil my order and got my agreement. I found all the employees I delt with to be very courteous and wanting to do their best for me. Their employees were very knowledgeable and up to date on their services and the items being purchased. Gold Gate Capital in my opion is a good company with excellent employees that will do their best in fulfilling what you are wanting accomplished.

Jack J (April 2022)

Verified Customer

Helped Me

You kept in touch, and helped me with my investment.

Robert I (April 2022)

Verified Customer

I'm very pleased

I'm very pleased with Brian. He explains very thing in detailed, how it works and walks you through the whole process

Eva R (April 2022)

Verified Customer

Very Satisfying

All contact with Gold Gate Capital has been very satisfying. Awaiting arrival of my purchase before I can give a complete opinion of my total experience.

John H (April 2022)

Verified Customer


Excellent service

Trudis M. (May 2020)

Verified Customer

Always Outstanding Service

Have purchased many times and always outstanding service, never a concern, thanks.

Donna G (May 2020)

Verified Customer


Very efficient, very prompt, secure and overall good company to purchase precious metals from, simply the best.

Barbara H. (May 2020)

Verified Customer

Highly recommend!!!


Darren R. (May 2020)

Verified Customer

Satisfied for Several Years

Have done business with these folks over the course of several years now and have been uniformly pleased.

Amy G (April 2020)

Verified Customer

The Best Prices

I love doing business with Gold Gate Capital. They have the best prices I've found and great service.

Kasprzyk S (April 2020)

Verified Customer

Outstanding quality

Funds clear they ship. No nonsense. Tried different dealer delivery took 4 week after funds cleared. Solid quality.

Carl H. (April 2020)

Verified Customer

Thank you guys!

I have been doing business with Gold Gate for many years, there has never been a problem or an issue.

Joan G. (April 2020)

Verified Customer

Fair and quality work

Everything went smoothly during the process just as they advertise. I really appreciate the ease of ordering and confidence I now have done business with GGC.

Donna B. (February 2020)

Verified Customer

Highly Recommended!

GGC has been a great resource for gold and silver bullion coins for me whether purchased with personal funds or by my IRA. Some of my purchases I keep stored at their depository and some have been shipped to me directly for self-storage.

Lyda W. (February 2020)

Verified Customer

Excellent experience!!

I got 1st class service and shipment arrive 2 days early! Excellent!

Julian L. (January 2020)

Verified Customer

Great Metal Seller

I have been collecting from Gold Gate Capital for many years, and love the quality of their products.

Lorraine J. (January 2020)

Verified Customer

Excellent Service

The price was competitive and service was excellent!

Shirley A. (December 2019)

Verified Customer

Quick Turn Around

My experience with Gold Gate Capital with excellent, quick turnaround and exactly what I ordered. Will do business with GGC again!

Elli G. (November 2019)

Verified Customer

Top Quality Products

Matt was very helpful, knowledgeable, and shipped product quickly. The shipping package was carefully wrapped. Everything went perfectly.

Nicolas S. (November 2019)

Verified Customer

Reliable and Trustworthy

After dealing with several other firms from around the country I have found a new home in Gold Gate Capital. Gold Gate Capital is far and away from the most reliable and trustworthy firm I have encountered. I will do all my future trades with Nick at Gold Gate Capital.

Logan P. (November 2019)

Verified Customer

Professional Services

Strongly recommended Gold Gate Capital. Totally professional and fully responsive service. Full instructions on packaging and shipping provided, including insurance coverage.

Desiree F. (November 2019)

Verified Customer

Excellent Service

Excellent service. The friendly staff provides great service even if it's your first time buying with them.

Manuel T. (November 2019)

Verified Customer

Superb Services

Outstanding customer service. Great moral values and great products

Mark F. (October 2019)

Verified Customer

Great Customer Service

I am a repeat customer with GGC because of the great customer service experience. They have a great selection of products and fair prices. I would recommend...

Faye M. (October 2019)

Verified Customer

Superb Items

I've been buying precious metals for years and there is no one better than GGC!

Valerie M. (October 2019)

Verified Customer

Budget Friendly Products

Gold Gate Capital is a great place to shop. If only I had more money to stash for a rainy day. Thank you GGC and the staff.

Jane G. (October 2019)

Verified Customer

Awesome Service

Gold Gate is a Great Company. I have ordered several times and haven't found a better price. Customer-friendly and clear on prices. Fast shipping with zero issues. You get what is advertised.

Tatiana R. (September 2019)

Verified Customer

Awesome Business Partner

I have bought from many dealers in the past. Have never had this level of service and attention from any of those previous dealers. I have found Gold Gate Capital in which I will have a long and lasting relationship with for many years to come.

Audry R. (September 2019)

Verified Customer

Awesome Transaction

Making transfer of fiat to finite a breeze! Thank you GGC

Ethan D. (September 2019)

Verified Customer

A Lot To Choose From

Incredible selection, great prices, fast shipping, and satisfaction guaranteed. For these reasons, Gold Gate Capital is the favorite gold dealer.

Lora R. (September 2019)

Verified Customer

Extremely Knowledgeable

Nick and Paul are extremely knowledgeable and very respectful. I like that you can deal with the same person every time I call. They get to know you personally.

Fiona (April 2019)

Verified Customer

Absolutely the best!

I have worked with and trusted Paul S*** for over 7 years. There is no one else I trust with my questions and strategy. Thank you Paul for all your considerations over the years. I would not have made it without you!

Eleanor Handkins E. (September 2018)

Verified Customer


I have had made several purchases from Paul Stone. He is wonderful to deal with. He explains things very patiently accepts my financial limits and finds coins that are within that limit, is considerate about time for calls, and faithfully calls back to be sure that what is ordered arrives safely and meets expectations. I could not ask for a better representative of Gold Gate Capital.

Bettyann S. (August 2018)

Verified Customer

Thanks a lot!

I have always had GREAT service from Gold Gate Capital.They are very helpful and answer your questions promptly. They care about the person and not the commission. Good job guys.

Willa W. (July 2018)

Verified Customer

Highly Recommend

I had a great experience working with Gold Gate Capital. Bertell took the time to explain to me all aspects of purchasing precious metals so that I had a good understanding of all my options and was able to make an informed decision. Thank you again Bertell & Gold Gate Capital. I will Call Gold Gate Capital the next time I want to buy metals!

Miley S (April 2018)

Verified Customer

Exactly as Expected

Paul and Nick at Gold Gate Capital have helped me by not only sending me information, but also talking to me and answering all the questions I had. It has been a positive experience as I finally feel comfortable about my retirement. My experience was positive at every step of the process and the gold and silver was delivered exactly as expected.

Carleen G (April 2018)

Verified Customer

Very Knowledgable

Sean DelGaudio is my rep and he is very knowledgable on the markets. I trust his recommendations and I will continue to bring my business to him.

George H. (November 2017)

Verified Customer

Over and Above the Rest

I contacted a few Gold IRA companies about rolling over my IRA from stocks/mutual funds before making my decision and Gold Gate Capital is over and above the rest of their competition. My call was returned promptly by Bertell who clearly laid out the details and answered all my questions. Gold Gate Capital's has the lowest prices that I have found online and Bertell’s knowledge and professionalism guided me to an informed and confident decision to make the move to gold and silver in these times of uncertainty in the markets.

Allen W. (September 2017)

Verified Customer

Thank You Gold Gate Capital

If you are looking for education about precious metals, or if you want to rollover your IRA into Gold, Richard and his team at Gold Gate Capital are who you need to call! They are so helpful and transparent throughout the process! Thank you for your integrity and for your desire to make me happy without any sales pressure. Sincerely, Alice Palmer

Alice P. (September 2017)

Verified Customer

Best Gold IRA Company Around!

Gold Gate Capital a professional firm and takes great efforts to make sure that their customers and educated consumers. Not only do they have literature that is good for everyone interested in Gold IRA's to read, but they take the time to speak with you and educate you on the process and answered any questions that you may have. Bertell and Nick are very professional and have helped me out greatly when a sub-par competitor charged me excessively for the same portfolio of products that I could get from Gold Gate Capital for a much more reasonable price. Gold Gate Capital offers the best prices for their precious metals coins as well as showing integrity of doing business and honesty. I would highly recommend Gold Gate Capital to anyone who is interested in a precious metal IRA and I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Robert L. (September 2017)

Verified Customer

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